FastComet Hosting Offers & Discount Deals 2022

A website needs powerful web hosting to be created and hosted. However, most good web hosting for new bloggers is very expensive. The network won’t be able to provide income for the bloggers. Therefore, they will have difficulties paying a monthly fee. Here, you will find a FastComet Coupon Code that will give you a 70% discount!

New bloggers cannot afford to pay a huge amount every month so we have shared the most affordable but powerful web hosting in the world.

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Let’s begin with the web hosting…

On the internet, hundred of web hostings available, some are expensive and some are cheap. Now, the biggest problem is the budget. It is assumed that new bloggers don’t have any solid source of income to pay for expensive hosting.

They often turn towards cheap hosting for hosting their website. it is not a good practice as a blogger. Because there are many problems with cheap hosting.

Why Cheap Hosting Is Not Best for Websites?

The biggest problem with free or cheap hosting is that it is not reliable. This company is unreliable and can be shut down when they lose their way. The most serious problem for bloggers is that they will lose all their efforts and work stored on the server.

Additionally, there are performance and speed issues. A large number of people use the same server, which causes the servers to run very slowly. In turn, this slows down the blog experience.

Therefore, cheap hosting is not recommended by experts. Rather, it is better to pay for good web hosting and achieve the desired results.

FastComet Coupon Code – Exclusive 75% Discount!

Coupon codes are a lifesaver for new bloggers. it gives opportunities to new bloggers to get premium features without having debt. These coupon codes are offered by companies to allow their clients to start their online business easily.

FastComet Halloween Sale

In this article, we have shared the FastComet discount which is equal to 70% off and you can find it on This a very helpful way to buy expensive web hosting for an affordable price.

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Before jumping straight to the point, we will first understand that:

What is FastComet Hosting?

FastComet has good reviews on Trustpilot and ranked 1# web hosting from

FastComet Hosting

FastComet offers web hosting solutions for all types and sizes of websites and applications. Their hosting plan offers premium tools and services to websites and clients. All the hosting plans are designed for serving a particular website and application type.

Now let’s look at the premium services we get in FastComet Hosting packages.

FastComet Premium Tools & Services

1. Free Domain & Website transfer

Migrating a domain name or website requires good knowledge of servers and web hosting. it is not a cup of tea for everyone. Most of the clients stuck here because they end up modifying some settings.

So, FastComet doesn’t want its clients to take any stress. They offer man-power domain and website transfer service. The client only has to sit and relax while the website gets transferred. The process is completely handled by their expert team.

All the databases, emails, and websites will be transferred to FastComet servers within 24 hours. It is a painless and stress process for clients.

2. Free Domain Name for 1 year

All the new users get a free subscription to 1 domain name for 1 year. If the client already has a domain name, then they simply renew it for 1 year for free. It is a great welcome gesture from the company.

Clients feel very happy with the 1-year domain subscription as it saves a lot of money.

3. Free SSL

For all domain names, an SSL certificate is required to purchase for security reasons. An SSL certificate makes our domain secure for transferring data and transactions. FastComet offers a free SSL certificate in all their plans.

It is a great offer for new bloggers as they don’t have to buy it separately.

4. SSD Storage

SSD Storage is the latest technology used in computers and servers for speed. There is a huge speed difference between old drives and SSD drives. Using SSD drives on servers will make the execution and database access super fast. This boosts the website loading speed and provides a great user experience.

5. Cloudflare CDN

A CDN is an important service for the website. it forms a network of servers in different geographic locations. It benefits the website as well as the users with fasters content. Whenever a user tries to access the website then the nearest server to the user can serve them.

This way the data transfer speed becomes fast and users don’t have to wait for long. It is a paid service for websites but in FastComet it is offered for free.

6. One-Click App Installation

There are hundreds of apps available for managing the blog and websites like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. FastComet offers a one-click app installer that lets the client install these apps in minutes.

It is very quick and doesn’t require complicated configurations.

7. Drag & Drop Website Builder

Drag and Drop website builder is an awesome web designing tool for bloggers. the application enables anyone with a basic understanding of design can easily design a custom theme for their website.

It is the best web designers to show their creativity. There is no coding required to design it, the user only has to drag and drop the components. All the components are already built and provide, they only need to be added to the page.

8. Daily Backups

To keep the website safe from any hackers and troubles. FastComet offers automated daily backups. The backups copy and store all the data in the cloud. So the client can easily perform a restore when they want.

9. 24 Hours of Technical Support

FastComet is awarded for their excellent technical support service. The service is available 24/7. This ensures that their clients have someone to talk to when they face problems. It takes seconds to connect with the technical support team and start discussing problems.

The technical team are very knowledgable and have a solution for all kinds of problem of web hosting.

10. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Even after knowing all the features and reviews of the web hosting. it happens that their services don’t match with the mentioned service. Here the client will lose their time and money.

But, it is not the case with FastComet. They are very confident about their service and team. 45 days money-back guarantee is offered in all their plans. The money-back-guarantee keeps their clients free from risk.

The client can easily cancel the plan within 45 days of the purchase. It is very beneficial for the clients to try and test the services without worrying about money.

There are many more features offered in FastComet Hosting plans. But it will make the article long and boring. So those check their full features list on their official website.

Now, let’s talk about the FastComet Coupon Code.

FastComet 75% Exclusive Discount (2022 Updated)

Many web hosting offer discount offer but no one will offer a 70% discount. FastComet is the only web hosting in the market to provide this much discount offer. They believe that everyone should have the power to start their online business or website.

FastComet Coupon Code

So, they offer excellent service at affordable prices. However, for some, that price can also be expensive. So they come up with exciting discount offers for those who are in need.


Halloween Sale 2020: Grab 70% Discount All FastComet Shared Hosting Plans

Use this special code during the checkout on the FastComet site to grab up to 70% discount this Halloween even 2020.
On Going Offer

The Coupon Code for a 70% Discount is TREATS70. It should be used at the time of checkout to get a discount offer. It is a limited period discount offer. So if you are not seeing it on the official website, then the offer may have ended. Go fast and grab this opportunity.

It is a wonderful opportunity for new bloggers to use robust web hosting service without losing all the money.

Once, the blogger start using the services then they will get addicted to it. They have an awesome team to help the clients to start and set up blogs and websites. they care about values and they are on a mission to provide affordable hosting solutions.

Bloggers who want to build their online business and generate an income from their blog. For them, FastComet is a perfect choice. It provides all the tools needed to expand the website and get more page views.

Even if you don’t like the service then you don’t have to worry about the money. As they have 45 days money back policy. So use and test all the services on the website. once you get satisfied with all the service and support then continue using it. Otherwise, cancel the plan and get all the money back. 

It is a great hosting solution for building your first website.