WPX Hosting vs. WP Engine
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WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Hosting & Their Pricing Comparison

Affordability leads to more customers these days. And everyone is trying to provide the best and affordable service in the hosting industry. But a lot of companies just lower their prices and their performance is not good. But other hosting companies have the best performance and affordable pricing. For example, WPX Hosting and WP Engine Hosting. We are going to compare these two companies, especially the pricing. And you can choose the one that you like at the end. They both have amazing features and never-ending resources. We are also going to compare their features, performance and other important aspects.

WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Hosting

WPX Hosting and WP Engine Hosting are quite identical in terms of pricing and features. They have nearly the same prices and resources in their services. So it is hard to find out the difference and then choose one for yourself. But we are going to make that easier for you by highlighting their similarities and differences. We’ll compare their pricing, feature, and performance.

WPX Hosting vs. WP Engine

WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Hosting Pricing and Plans

WPX Hosting and WP Engine both offer hosting services that have almost the same starting prices. Besides, WP Engine hosting has diverse pricing plans. While WPX Hosting offers only two types of plans mainly. WP Engine Hosting has four main plans for their WordPress Hosting and each of these has four deals.

WPX Hosting Pricing and Plans

WPX Hosting offers two types of plans in the main run: Monthly and Yearly. These plans have three deals each namely Business, Professional, and Elite. The cheapest of these plans start at $24.99 in the case of the monthly plan. While the same plan starts at $20.83 if you want to choose the yearly plan or you can get 60% off first month hosting billing cycle on any plan i.e Business, Professional & Elite. You can learn more about the hosting discount right over here on bloggingscout.net.

The second deal starts at $49.99 and $41.58 in the monthly and yearly plans respectively. Lastly, the Elite plan will set you back $99 per month in the monthly plan. Whereas this plan will cost you $83.25 if you choose the yearly plan. Basically, the yearly and monthly plans are the same. You just need to choose the length of the contract. They have the same features, resources. The price reduces if you choose the yearly plan. In this way, you save up to $200 a year.

WPX Hosting Pricing

WP Engine Hosting Pricing and Plans

WP Engine Hosting has a variety of plans. They all have four sub-deals. The first two, Managed Hosting and Managed Hosting Plus, are reserved for WordPress. The cheapest deal of the first plan costs around $25 a month. And the most expensive deal in this plan will set you back a magnificent $241 per month. Next, the cheapest deal in the second plan starts at $28 monthly. The most expensive deal in this plan costs $258 a month. The Managed Hosting and the Managed Hosting Plus plans are different in terms of features from each other. The resources of both plans are almost identical.

WP Engine Pricing

WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Hosting Performance

These two WordPress hosting providers have a great performance. WPX Hosting and WP Engine said to be on the best performing WordPress hosting providers’ list. This can’t be achieved easily. So it means they have really good performance and reached that spot because of it. The statistics are given below with a brief overview of their performance.

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WPX Hosting Performance

WPX Hosting is doing an amazing job in terms of performance. Their hosting is specially optimised for WordPress. So it is no doubt that you’ll get extraordinary performance. WPX Hosting’s average uptime is 99.95%. Similarly, they have a super-fast webpage loading speed of just 2 seconds on average. These numbers are way beyond better.

WP Engine Hosting Performance

WP Engine also has a good performance. They use special techniques to boost your website’s performance. Therefore your website gets an above-average uptime and loading speed. WP Engine’s uptime monitoring tool keeps the uptime amazing. They have an average uptime of 99% and a website loading speed of 1.9 seconds.

WPX Hosting vs WP Engine Hosting Features

They both have got impressive features with their services. A lof features that they offer are the same. And mostly for free. Free website migrations, daily backup, and free SSL certificates are some features that both hosting providers have in common.

WPX Hosting Features

WPX Hosting has an extravagant collection of free features. Some of these free features are given below:

Custom CDN

WPX Hosting offers a free custom CDN that spreads your website’s content around the world.

Unlimited SSL Certificates

WPX Hosting provides free unlimited SSL certificates with all of its WordPress hosting plans.

Unlimited Website Migrations

WPX Hosting also allows free unlimited website migrations to their platform. This feature saves you a lot of money.

Tightened Security

They have amazing security. They use DDoS protection and other techniques to keep your website safe.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

They offer a 30 days long money-back guarantee. So you can get your money back if you changed your mind.

24/7 Customer Support

They offer 24/7 customer support via their live chat. The support team is helpful and knows all the technical stuff to get your problem solved.

WP Engine Hosting Features

WP Engine also has extraordinary features. Some of these features include:

Daily Backups

They backup your website’s data daily. So that you don’t lose any important things.

Free Site Migrations

They also do free website migrations to their services.

Free SSL Certificate

WP Engine offers free SSL certificates to make your website even stronger.


They have CDN also to ensure the maximum speed of your website anywhere in the world.

Premium Themes

They offer over 30 premium website themes to make your website more attractive to users.

24/7 Support

They offer 24/7 customer support via chat and phone. Phone support is not available for the cheapest plan.

Bottom Line

WPX Hosting and WP Engine have way more similarities than differences. Their pricing is almost the same except for the plans. They have the same free features mostly. And their performance is also of the same quality. They don’t have any huge differences. WPX Hosting has simple pricing plans but WP ENgine doesn’t. You can’t decide on the price that who is better. But if you look at the other aspects closely, you can choose the one that you would need.

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